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When you visit Neurological Rehabilitation Center, LLC located in Mesa, Arizona, you will be greeted by a friendly office staff pleased to answer your questions and provide you with the very best in service. We are here to make you feel welcome and offer you the highest quality chiropractic and rehabilitation health care in the East Valley.

All of our services and programs offer you a drug-free, non-surgical, hands on approach to health care and we will help you get out of pain quickly with chiropractic care.

When you visit Neurological Rehabilitation Center, LLC, Dr. Michael Compton, D.C., will personally address your concerns and needs by carefully listening to you explain your condition. With the information obtained from the examination and questions that you are asked, Dr. Compton will formulate a treatment plan designed specifically for you to get you out of your chronic pain or begin rehabilitation in the area of concern. They are individualized to fit your needs and may vary patient to patient.

We hope to meet you soon! Give us a call to set up an appointment and start your road to recovery! 480-497-3750.