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Neurodevelopmental Delay Program

Neurological Rehabilitation Center offers a brain rehabilitation services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and processing disorders. Our staff is will test your child’s brain to determine if the disorder is a primary processing problem in the right hemisphere, the left hemisphere, or both hemispheres of the brain.

After the assessment a detailed brain rehabilitation program will be recommended that is specific to the findings in your child’s assessment. The primary treatment goal of our program is to improve the brain function of the participant. The optimal approach to increase the function of the brain is achieved through sensory-motor, academic, and Interactive Metronome® exercises, in conjunction with immunes system and dietary changes.

Brain Rehabilitation

Our program consisting of sensory-motor, academic, and Interactive Metronome® exercises 3 times per week for 12 weeks. The sensory-motor and academic component are detailed below.

Sensory-Motor Brain Rehabilitation Exercises
• Posture training
• Strength training
• Auditory Stimulation
• Visual Stimulation
• Timing and rhythm (Interactive metronome®)

Coordination and Balance Brain Rehabilitation Exercises
• Mirroring

Academic Brain Rehabilitation Exercises
• Reading
• Comprehension
• Psuedo-Decoding
• Math Reasoning
• Numerical Operations
• Listening Comprehension
• Oral Expression
• Spelling
• Written Expression

The Immune System

Diet and nutrition are critical elements to the successful treatment of Neurodevelopmental disorders. An assessment of the immune system is critical to knowing if an autoimmune attack is occurring and promoting the dysfunction. To determine what nutritional or immune system modifications are needed, we use the most advanced methods available. After the testing is complete a custom designed easy to use nutritional program is implemented.

Neurodevelopental Delay Evaluaton:
• Ages 3 and up.
• One appointment, 1-2 hours in length, in clinic assessment
• Functional brain assessment to assess motor skills, visual perceptual skills, auditory perceptual skills, and sensory processing.
• Interactive Metronome assessment